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Peace, Love and Truth Love Linda



Find your heart ( kinda a rant)

I love you all and wish we could all meet face to face, sit in a circle and speak to one another from the heart
Peace Always, Love Always and Truth Always Love you All


Three Washington counties have reported an unusually high rate of Birth defects Anencephalic babies

Wa St high rate of birth defects…
What’s in Hanford’s Backyard?

VIDEO: Government Failure to Deal with Hanford Radioactive Leaks is Massive Betrayal
Hanford Nuclear Radiation Leaks…

Radioactive Waste Leak At Hanford,Wash. UPDATE-2-17-2013

World’s oldest weapons-grade plutonium found in a ditch
Inside Hanford: A Trip to America’s Most Toxic Place
I don’t know if this is from all the Leaks at Hanford Nuclear Power Plant
My suspect it is….The Government is not telling us the truth about one of the USA most toxic waste dump and how it has infected the ground water and soil for miles around..If any of you know of what else could be causing these birth defects please leave info..Remember Peace, Love and Truth and maybe say a prayer for the families who are losing their children Love Linda


About me

This site is to bring to light the corruption across the globe from a Native American perspective

The goal is to unite all of humanity against The Empires that have lied , Cheated , Stolen, Raped, and put them above us the rightful citizens of the earth, All of us belong on This Mother Earth. We need to restore balance and morality. We need to help those in need. We need to end the wars.We need to stop the Genocide. We Speak With Love Peace and Truth in our Hearts. Please make any suggestions to help promote a humanity for all of us , not just a few Peace Linda

Follow no one

Idle No More Inc
Al Sharpton’s NAN………
Alex Jones or Inforwars LLC……
Peace, Love and Truth Love ya Linda


Please watch An Experiment In Discrimination link below its not long

An Experiment In Discrimination

This is what should be taught in schools
Lets make these kind of videos a game changer
Humanity rules Not the divide and conquer
I really do love all of you, Peace,Love and Truth Love Linda


The blowing up of the train bomb in Megantic [Quebec] raised false flag questions!

The Mohawk Nation News
Chairman Ed Burkhardt: What he said then and now
They are reaching out to all peoples of Canada to join them I ask my Canadian Friends to please consider this offer to stand against the Empires built on everyones land
Just as I hope everyone will stand with the Native Americans in Amerika to fight the same thing
Sending Blessings to all Peace Love and Truth always Linda


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